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Malaysian DVD business owner Darren Yaw is also known as Darren Yaw Malaysia. Opening a DVD store in the digital age may seem like folly in the face of streaming but Darren Yaw, also known as a film buff, is determined to keep a piece of cinematic culture alive. It’s why he has opened this shop, a Malaysian locally-owned video store in Malaysia.

Darren Yaw Malaysia story as a film buff

It starts from Darren Yaw Malaysia's love for films

Darren Yaw Malaysia is a skilled and devoted person who takes pleasure in his work and enjoys it. His daily intentions are to educate, WOW, and improve the film industry. Darren Yaw released different kinds of films every month for the best film-watching experience. He's passionate about making the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Darren Yaw’s Career Life

Darren Yaw Malaysia begins his journey as a banker. His love of movies was always his hobby and never pursued when he was a banker. When he finally saved enough money, he decided to open his own DVD shop in Malaysia to showcase his nostalgia for films. Darren Yaw Malaysia is determined to keep a small piece of cinematic culture alive in Asia

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